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“I take it you’re doing fine on the food front, then?”

While I didn’t know if he’d answer me honestly or not, I decided to take a stab at it anyway.

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“There’s plenty of food to gather from the sea, rivers, and forest. Water is no different too since all you have to do is boil river water.”

“But isn’t it risky to drink river water?”

“You’re not wrong. Boiling it doesn’t guarantee that it’s perfectly safe, but that’s why I’m the only one who drinks it. Ryūen drinks the water we started out with and whatever we get from Tasks.”

They were managing the risks flawlessly. By this point in the exam, there should be groups out there who were struggling to get by, but it looked like these two would be living steadily for quite a while.

“It just so happens that I’ve been looking for you, Ryūen.”

“Lookin’ for me, eh?”

“I assume you’re aware of which groups are in the bottom ten right now, right?”

“Well, sure. I dunno what those idiots from my class are doin’ down there in the bottom eight though.”

With two members out of the picture, their income had dropped sharply, creating an ever-growing disparity between them and the other groups at the bottom.

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“Komiya and Kinosh*ta retired.”

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The smile on Ryūen’s face disappeared instantly, replaced with a serious expression.

Katsuragi looked in my direction as well, his attention ripped away from the fishing pole in his hands.

“They retired? What happened?”

Since Katsuragi was now a full-fledged member of Class 2-B, both Komiya and Kinosh*ta were fellow comrades that he needed to protect.

Nanase spoke up in response to Katsuragi’s question.

“They were seriously injured. It’s unlikely that either of them will be able to walk anytime soon.”