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“Even when the game was taken off the shelves for refunds, Dawn Games platform did not take a single cent. Half of it was given to the developer and the other half to the players.”

“If this goal could be achieved, the developers on the platform would not dare to fool the players anymore. Under the rational judgment of most players, those outstanding games would survive. The rubbish games would be eliminated. The environment of the entire platform would become better. There would be more and more players, and more games.”

“By giving up a portion of the benefits, Dawn Games platform achieved a win-win-win situation.”

“However, this is ultimately just a beautiful wish.”

“Therefore, this is actually a deep question for players: You know what is right, but in the face of the temptation of benefits, can you persevere and do the right thing?”

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“What a pity. From the looks of the current results, most players on the platform have the same answer: ‘No’.

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“The name ‘Dawn Games platform’ also means that the creator of the platform had foreseen the fate of the platform from the beginning.”

“Where the days are tough.”

“The morning water is clear and pure, nurturing the flowers, but it will be dried by the sun and blown by the wind. It will dissipate in the air and be buried in the dust. Life is short.”

“Obviously, this platform is the same in the eyes of the creators.”

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“It is clear and pure, not contaminated by dust, and not associated with any game merchants or channels. It remains pure throughout.”

“It nurtures all games, just like the morning mist nurturing the flowers, so that every passerby can appreciate the beauty of the flowers and smell the fragrance of the flowers.”

“However, it will not be able to exist for a long time. It will always disappear without a trace because of the influence of the outside world.”

“Just as the beginning said: It is still a luxury to have a portion of humans maintain their rationality for a long time.”

“Perhaps after this bug finding event, all the games on Dawn Games platform would be taken off the shelves by gamers very quickly. The platform would finally stop operations because it could not make ends meet and disappear silently.”