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「Dexterous affluence… Generalist… hey…… All-rounders who can do everything… it’s not easy to do… 」

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Because I can’t imagine it…. I don’t have an example…. that I could use as a goal…

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I was called an All-Rounder, yet I didn’t have anyone in mind to use as a model or a goal.

The Princess? However, as Tre’ainar said, I don’t see myself losing to the princess in terms of combat power.

Then Sadiz? Certainly, Sadiz may be the most versatile. But, unfortunately, I don’t know Sadiz’s true fighting capability.

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So even if I set a goal, I don’t know how good it would be.

And then……


Tre’ainar laughed loudly at my words.

Did I say something so funny? When I think about it, Tre’ainar is…

『Child. You are a tad heartless, are you not?』

『Have you forgotten? What you should aim for…. the world’s best all-rounder…. who knows you well…』

「Eh!? Well, are you serious? What? Who are you talking about?」

For a moment, I didn’t really understand.

But Tre’ainar smiled.