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“After all…after all, this is who Keita really is, right? He’s weak but stubborn at weird places, basically an otaku. So, sometimes he would prefer enjoying gaming over becoming a normie…”

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“However, that’s why…”

Hoshinomori finally looked at us for the first time as she said that.

Then, she smiled brightly.

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“That’s why Tendou-san loves Keita, right?”

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Her words, and her expression, made us suddenly came to the realization.

Tendou was throbbed because she realized the most crucial point.

However, from my perspective, …that’s not all…

“Hoshinomori. Actually…actually, you’re not just describing what Tendou feels, you’re describing yourself…”

I can’t help but clench my fist.

…Hoshinomori is cheering Tendou with a smile in front of me.

“So there’s no reason for you to be afraid, Tendou-san. It’s because Keita will definitely reject an invitation like that. Especially today when his favourite game released. Perhaps that boy will even say that he’ll stop joining the Game Hobby Club meetings for a while. Keita is a fanatic gamer like this.”