Students are suitable for online making money

Students are suitable for online making money

「Onee-san might lie sometimes, so… are you still okay with that?」

「Yes, no problem.」

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The president is a very kind person. She sometimes tells white lies, but never hurtful ones.

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「I-If you ever lie… then you will have to swallow a thousand needles, okay?」

「Yes, you can trust me.」

If I ever break this promise, I would swallow 2,000 needles if needed.

「O-Okay, then. I will believe that everything Allen-kun said is true. And I’ll forgive you this time for… seeing me naked.」

「T-Thank you very much!」

In this way, I won the trust of the three girls, and finally was able to take a breath of relief.

After clearing the false charges, we decided to return to the Arcstria villa, as it was getting late.

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「The secret hot spring, Sakura Drop, was a really good experience… The stiffness in my shoulders has completely disappeared.」

The president said on the way back, lightly stretching her shoulders.