Is it true that the top strip of today is really true?

Is it true that the top strip of today is really true?

“In other words, Dayak Corporation’s burning of money would have a ‘limit’. That limit would be the profitability of all of Tengda Corporation’s businesses combined and the upper limit of the funds that Tengda Corporation could obtain through various means.”

“It would be useless no matter how much money we burn if we don’t exceed this limit. GOG’s pre-emptive advantage cannot be shaken. However, once it exceeds this limit, Tengda Corporation might collapse!”

Eric could not help but smile.

He had said a number when he answered Boss Pei’s question: 100 million US dollars. He had said that this was the upper limit of the amount Dayak Corporation could afford.

Dayak Corporation would only burn so much money if it did not produce obvious results.

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It was hard to tell whether those words were true or false. However, whether or not Boss Pei believed it or not, it would create an anchor point in Boss Pei’s mind and serve as a psychological hint.

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What’s more, Eric’s hypothesis was that Dayak Corporation was not very clear about Tengda Corporation’s situation. They would only give in when they burned money to their bottom line.

However, the problem was, what if Eric shared this information with the upper echelons of Dayak Corporation?

Chrétien would adopt a different operational strategy from Eric. He might make some modifications to IOI itself. He might even cooperate with local games companies to operate it.

However, Eric judged that the results of this series of actions by Chrétien would not produce any better results than him.

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Eric could take the opportunity to report this information to the upper echelons of Dayak Corporation when Chrétien fails. There was a high chance that he could make a comeback.

At that time, Dayak Corporation would either give up on the money-burning war with Tengda Corporation or listen to Eric’s advice and burn their money until Tengda reached its limits!

There was no need to think about anything anymore if it was the former; however, if it was the latter, Eric would have the chance to turn the tables!

November 15th, Tuesday...

Handong University’s Ancient Chinese Studies Dormitory.

A few students were typing on their keyboards onto their respective laptops. From time to time, they would stop and search for various information online.

Those who did not know would think that they were writing a thesis.