There are several ways to make money on the real online.

There are several ways to make money on the real online.

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The hand that Pei Qian was using to hold his coffee cup trembled.

Holy sh*t... you’ve moved over so quickly?!

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November 18th, Monday.

A new Monday, a new set of worries for Pei Qian.

He summoned the system and checked on the System Funds.

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<Wealth Conversion System>

<Owner: Pei Qian>

<Profit Conversion Ratio 100:1. Loss Conversion Ratio 1:1>

<Next Settlement: 73 days later.>

<System Funds: 971,634.3 (↑471,634.3)>

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<Personal Wealth: 1,322.8>

Pei Qian always felt as though he had to rethink life each time he saw the difference between the huge figure of his System Funds and the miserable 1,000 odd yuan on his Personal Wealth.

Why were things as such?!

The last he checked, he had already reduced the System Funds to a mere 20,000 yuan or so.

Why had it increased once again?

His gross income for the two weeks ranged around 900,000. After it was topped up into the System Funds, Pei Qian could not manage to spend much of it despite massive purchases of snacks, coffee, useful and useless office stuff!