How to upload online to make money

How to upload online to make money

Qi Yan’s first big job was this Street Food Contest after the change of owners.

All the marketing activities had been canceled except for this one.

Qi Yan did not know why exactly but she still followed the original plan.

The preparatory work had actually started a long time ago. Some professionals had gone to various cities in the country to search for food vendors with better reputations. They had paid to invite them to the capital to participate in this competition. At the same time, they had also invited several gourmet chefs with good taste to be judges.

The competition was about to start.

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Qi Yan took out her phone and looked at the live-stream.

There were just a few pathetic bullet screen comments, it was not that popular at all.

That was to be expected.

It was too rushed to change to a live-stream. Qi Yan had urgently asked the live-stream platform for resources and locations. However, the recommendation spots were all pre-arranged to be given to others. They could not get good recommendation spots, only ordinary spots.

What’s more, it was Monday afternoon. The live-stream platform’s traffic was low to begin with, so no one was watching.

Qi Yan sighed melancholically.

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She had planned to spend a huge sum of money on Aili Island’s rankings after editing the event. However, it had been changed to live-streaming with no recommendations. Would it become popular?

If it did not become popular, what was the point of this Street Food Contest? Wouldn’t all the money be wasted?