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I had considered various means of persuasion, but clumsily trying them here could easily backfire on me. I'll have to leave this one to chance. But ultimately, there's a high possibility this could lead to the minimum amount of damage being sustained.

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It's clear as day Kouenji wants to avoid the punishment known as expulsion. I'll just have to bet on that. All I could do was bid farewell to Kouenji as he left to hunt the wild boar.

"Doesn't seem like anyone can manipulate that man".

It doesn't matter if it's the older Horikita or Nagumo or his comrades.

That's my honest opinion of the classmate I've spent roughly one year with.

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Leaving Kouenji behind in the forest, I made my way back to the course. I've only been gone for less than 10 minutes but we're probably in last place right now. I didn't see any students from my group either in front of me or behind and so I decided to skip ahead and chase them down. After a while, I spotted Keisei and the others walking. Tokitou noticed me first with the rest turning to look at me after that.

"For the record, I did find him but.......".

"As I thought, it didn't work, did it?".

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Hashimoto, who predicted this would happen, smiled bitterly. The other students too, didn't blame me but rather complained about the absent Kouenji. While insulting Kouenji the whole way, we somehow managed to reach the turnaround point where Chabashira is waiting for us with her arms crossed. I hadn't seen her in a few days but it looks like she's been helping out with various lessons here on the regular.

"The 2nd years and 3rd years have all turned back. Now's your turn".

"What time is it, sensei?".

"Approximately 11 o'clock".