friends with money review

friends with money review

Since I don’t have any relationships with other people, there’s no way for me to find out.

So, I’m all alone today too.

I’m alright by myself.

I’m alright with being alone.

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I—from the bottom of my heart, want a person that can reach me.

And so, the me today will continue to live quietly, with my eyes cast downwards.

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It was the worst timing possible.

While looking for places to take a selfie, I stumbled upon an incident. It was a tense state of affairs. The whole thing started a few seconds ago, when a trivial accusation provoked the other party and turned into a fist fight pretty quickly. No, saying fist “fight” is more accurate. Three male students were on the floor, covered in injuries. A red-haired boy was standing over them, looking down. It was a pretty one-sided fight.

I saw blood streaks on his right fist from the wounds of the other boys. It was my first time seeing a real fist fight. In elementary school, I saw boys pulling at each other’s clothes and pinching each other, but this was different. I could feel the weight of the tense situation.

Even though I was afraid, I unconsciously took pictures of the scene. The shutter went off silently. I thought to myself, “What am I doing?”, but in my panic, I couldn’t think very clearly.

I tried to leave the area as fast as I possibly could. But my brain wasn’t functioning normally, and my legs wouldn’t do what I told them to. Feeling paralyzed, I couldn’t move at all.

“Hehe, do you think… things will be over with this, Sudou?”