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The battle between Class B and Class D was inevitable, even if they made prior preparations for it not to happen.

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“That’s not something you need to reflect on, Horikita-san. I… I need to figure out a more stable strategy that can lead us to victory. I’m the one who needs to deeply reflect on this.

Although she was enthusiastic as she said that, whether her mentality had adjusted was another matter.

“If it is possible, can you explain what the strategy you used was? Of course, in exchange, we will also explain our battle with Class A to you in detail.”

Horikita must have heard some of the rumours of what happened already.

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But only the commanding towers knew what happened between them.

Ichinose nodded her approval towards the proposal.

The events that Ichinose chose and the events that Ryuuen chose.

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The order of the events, what events were chosen, and how Ryuuen went about doing them.

Where she won and where she lost. Ichinose revealed the answers for how she had failed without concealing it.

Ryuuen’s Class D adopted a style of brute force when doing the events.

To the Class B students, this exploited one of their glaring weaknesses.

“They adopted a fighting method that plays to their strengths. I’ll give that to them.”

“If so, we don’t stand a chance against them.”

“Yeah… even on the boy’s side, only Sudo-san could win. No, if his opponent is Yamada-san, there’s no guarantee of victory.”