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Online money pit project

It would be easy to catch up to them, but…

Because it is dangerous to run in the corridor at such speeds, I decided to let it go.

「Haa… But what the hell was that?」

Why were Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai hiding in the closet?

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In the end, why was the president behaving so suspiciously?

And that mysterious『appointed day』mentioned by Ferris-senpai at the end.

To be honest, there are so many things I don’t understand.

(But I’m really glad that the president isn’t going through a big problem on her own again.)

This amount of suspicious behavior… I’m sure that trio of good friends are planning a prank on me still not having learned their lesson.

(Well, if that’s all that’s going on, I don’t mind going along with it.)

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It will soon be a year since I entered Thousand Blade Academy. I’m getting used to their pranks.

And having confirmed that the thing that I’ve been worrying about for the past month was nothing serious,

「Well then, it’s about time to resume swinging!」

After that, I kept swinging my sword till dark.

Exactly a week has passed since I was called by the president.