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All the enemies had been pressured to go back to their own half of the map thanks to Ma Yang’s four teammates!

With Coach Ma putting on a good show in the back, the other teammates did not have to think about performing anymore. At once, they pulled all stops and conducted a massacre!

Thus, a very strange scene occurred.

As Old Ma continued playing happily on his own, his four other team members happily destroyed the enemies’ home base.

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Very oddly, everyone was placed in a 5-4-1 formation.

Those who didn’t know the game well enough might have thought that this was football, and Old Ma was the goal-keeper.

Ma Yang kept farming until he got two sets. Then, he typed in the public chat. “I can finally come out!”

However, just as Ma Yang’s cursor hovered over the enemies’ home base, his screen moved towards their base turret on its own. He watched the enemies’ nexus explode before his eyes.


A huge, well-decorated word appeared on his screen.

Ma Yang shook his head, clearly disappointed. “Ai, the other team is too lousy. I couldn’t even do anything before they lost.”

The bullet screen comments on the live-stream were flooding the screen! The results of the competition were out very soon as well. They had gotten a full performance index once again!

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“All of a sudden, I think that DGE could win even if I went to play as their jungler.”

“It’s true. Their jungler farmed for a full twenty minutes and died eight times, without killing a single person. When he went out to gank, he also gave away a double buff. This Coach Ma has proven that DGE could win with anyone on the team. They could even win with their hands tied!”

“I’m beginning to suspect that Coach Ma did this on purpose. He chose Happy Ruan to put on a good show. Although he gave kills away, none of us felt disgusted. Instead, we were quite entertained!”