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For the sake of turning his dreams into reality, Yamauchi would do everything in his power to avoid expulsion, no matter what.

Even more importantly, if he didn’t successfully carry out the strategy she had come up with, it was possible that she might begin to hate him.

These thoughts were the only thing spurring him on.

“So, let’s start out by identifying people who appear to be Ayanokōji-kun’s friends. It’d be best if we could quietly have him expelled without him hearing about it.”

“G-got it.”

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“But before that, I have some advice for you, Yamauchi-kun.”


“Please don’t tell anyone that we’re going to be voting for you. There’s a risk that your classmates will resent you if you carelessly talk about it.”

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“That’s for sure…”

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They would obviously get jealous and antagonistic if they found out that Yamauchi was the only one safe from the exam.

“Understood. I won’t say anything.”

“Thank you very much.”

“But… U-uhm.”

“What is it?”