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The fourth part:

The actions of the squad had alarmed the Zergs. The main force of the Zergs might not be in the nest, but as long as there were enough worker bees, spring worms, and self-exploding worms; it would be enough to pose a huge threat to the squad.

Countless Zergs were coming in from all directions. Their escape route had been completely cut off and could only continue advancing. A severely injured member broke off and detonated the miniature reactor in his chest to block the swarm of insects behind them.

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Qin Yi found out that there were very few teams who had survived the mission after gaining a breather.

What was even more frightening was that the team accidentally found fragments of combat uniforms in the depths of the worm’s nest. Those were fragments of the Skylark II combat uniform. It showed that humans had already tried decapitation operations previously without success. The information was withheld by artificial intelligence.

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The members were in complete despair.

The protagonist questioned the artificial intelligence but could not obtain an answer. The team members found that there was no retreat and could only move forward. They decided to complete their mission at all costs.

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The fifth part:

The squad followed the analysis of the artificial intelligence in desperation. Team members died one after another while trying to cover the other team members.

The protagonist wanted to fulfill the wishes of his teammates even if it cost him his life. However, in the end, he and his remaining teammate were still overwhelmed by the endless sea of insects.

The strange thing was that these insects did not kill them but brought them deeper into the worm nest.

The protagonist finally met the Zerg Queen. It’s bloated, large body was revolting.

The two of them wanted to detonate their reactors, but for some reason, the artificial intelligence seemed to be disconnected or was affected by a strange interference, making them unable to control the detonation.

The surviving team members were brought to the side of the Zerg Queen. He did not know what the Zerg Queen did to him, but he immediately let out a sharp scream and died two minutes later.

The protagonist was also brought in front of the Zerg Queen. He screamed as if his brain was being pierced by countless needles. However, he persevered stubbornly, unlike his other team members.