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『Dassoso! Now, you do it!』

“Eh... W-What’s that?”

『Tis a song and dance of the Banbino tribe that lures beasts. They are a famous hunting tribe.』

Daso? Tre’ainar suddenly began to dance before my eyes, shouting out strange words...... Eh? [6]

“Eh!? W-What’s that? ...... no...... uh”

『Do not mock this? Capture the beasts that appear with this charm and dance!』

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Sorry...... I gained resistance due to ladders and speed reading, and I guess it’s true if Tre’ainar says so.

But, to resist laughing, it’s....

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『Tis a matter of life or death! Take it seriously! Now, rhythmically raise your voice with the steps you trained on the ladder!』

“Oh, oooh... is this it?”

『Yes, hop rhythmically on both feet, bend your hips slightly, shout with both hands to beckon!』

But nothing came.

“Hah~ haah~ haaaah~... I used up my stamina....”

『Dear me. The technique is simply beyond a spoiled twit.』