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“Forget about my ability difference with onee-chan first. Anyway, I’m always envious of something that only onee-chan has.”

“Uh, any examples?”

After my question, Konoha-san paused for a moment and answered.

“Her ability to fall in love with anything. Her ability to concentrate on anything. Talents, art skills- things like that, I guess.”

“Ah, I can understand that too.”

Chiaki and I are often treated as the same person. However, when it comes to creativity, I always feel that Chiaki’s incredibly charming…to the point that my chest hurts.

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Konoha-san continued.

“To put it simply, it means that I have to change myself into something of myself, right? If that’s the case, it’s just ordinary trouble you can find everywhere. However, I’m painfully aware of it. …It’s because I was really just a…boring elite student in the past.”

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Konoha-san laughed a bit self-depreciatingly. For some reason, I felt pissed and answered her with a stern face.

“It’s not boring to be an elite student at all. Hardworking, intelligent, these are all points that should be praised. At least, I don’t think that’s boring at all. So, I wholeheartedly approve of Konoha-san in the past.”

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Just as I’m saying that calmly, Konoha-san’s face is slowly flaring up.

“S-Senpai…! Sheesh, what’s with this manliness? I’m falling for you again-“

After seeing her look, I raised my fist and yelled, “So, that’s why Konoha-san should-“

“-apologize to all of Japan’s elite students and yourself in the past! Kneel down!”

“-No! That’s why I don’t like this twisted part of you, senpai!”