How to make money online by junior high school students

How to make money online by junior high school students

Li Shi shook his head, frustrated. As if expecting better from them, he said, “Are all of you planning not to live here now that you’ve paid the rent?!”

Everyone else exchanged confused looks. That was exactly what they had been thinking.

Weren’t their own villas better? They had renovated them according to their own likes and dislikes, and they were all used to it by now.

What do they have here? There weren’t even enough furniture pieces. If their friends came over to visit them, they would have nowhere to sit.

Wouldn’t they be torturing themselves by trying to live in these apartments long-term?

The three investors who had not rented the apartments celebrated in their hearts.

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Thank goodness, we were intelligent!

We would have been renting this place for nothing and tossing ten thousand yuan into the trash each month.

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Although ten thousand yuan per month was not much to them, it would still hurt their hearts to throw money away.

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Li Shi confirmed his guess by looking at everyone else’s expressions.

Sighing softly, he said, “All of you... why don’t you think harder about things? If I had not asked you to come here and dropped you hints on purpose, you would be leaving empty-handed from a mountain full of treasures.”

Confusion was written all over the other investors’ faces.