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The next moment, a shock struck the thigh of my left leg.

The pain is as if a lightning bolt struck with a blunt instrument.

It hurt when Bro, who was being beaten so hard, hit my thigh with a kick of his right leg.

“Nu…… Low kick…”

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L-Low, kick? No, but, what is this pain? Numb, the steps…

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“Keep a distance with left-handed punches then target your opponent with the right-handed cannon…. an orthodox style, but much too stale, brother.”

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“Wh, at? ……eh?”

Then something cast a shadow over my head.

“A fight has to be flashy, right?”

It was Bro’s right leg, which kicked my left thigh, then raised the leg above my head in a wide open stance.

That stance, which required a very limber body to be done, is like the open-mouthed jaw of a beast.

『…… tis an Axe Kick!? Back away, child!』

“No, ah, my leg… uaah!”

The moment Tre’ainar shouted, the heel of Bro’s foot, which he raised overhead, dropped down over my head.

I immediately tried to back away, but a dull pain on my left leg caused a brief delay in my reaction, and as a result, Bro’s heel hit the tip of my nose….

“Gotta…… buh, bo!? Oh, ah…”

Blood erupted from my nose.