Is the Yuan Dynasty to make money online?

Is the Yuan Dynasty to make money online?

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From their perspective, it would seem like I might still have some hidden cards.

(The strongest tactic when playing cards – “Bluff”!)

I went on the offensive in order to make them wary of the “non-existent trump card” and prevent them from realizing that I was “out of cards”.

(Because there lies the threat of a “counter”, Sebas-san and Bacchus-san cannot launch a drastic attack!)

Therefore, I must never go on the defensive.

If I want to stall for time, I have to keep pressing forward with a fearless smile!

(And I’m getting used to it little by little.)

Sebas-san’s Absolute Sword and Bacchus-san’s Sakura-Blossom One-Sword Style.

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While watching their techniques and movements many times, I gradually became more efficient in responding to them.

(I can understand. I can see it. Their breathing rhythm, the movement of their muscles!)

Because we were all fighting half-naked, I was able to clearly observe the “muscle movements” of Sebas-san and Bacchus-san.

The eyes speak more than the mouth.

Similarly, the body speaks more than the sword.

By looking at their muscle movements, I can see the “movement of the sword” which is a few seconds in the future.

Thinking about it, this is like a “simulated battle” where I can learn a lot of lessons.

(Anyway, keep to this pace! If I continue at this pace, I’ll be able to pass the remaining time!)