Is online profit making money?

Is online profit making money?

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Li Shi shook his head. “Of course not. Is such a simple logic worth Boss Pei spending so much effort on?”

“Boss Pei is warning those who have evil intentions and want to cheat money from Dream Realization Ventures. He is telling them that they will not have a good ending if they cheat money from Dream Realization Ventures!”

“Kill the chicken to warn the monkeys. Meng Chang is the chicken that was killed.”

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“Look at Meng Chang. He’s a perfect entrepreneur in all aspects. What’s his fate now just because he had bad intentions? He has to bear millions in debt and his reputation is ruined.”

“If Meng Chang had lied to other investors from the beginning, he might have succeeded and gotten away successfully. However, he became a judgment debtor with a debt in millions if he lied to Boss Pei.”

“Even someone as skilled as Meng Chang can’t hide from Boss Pei’s eyes. Would others dare to act rashly in front of Boss Pei?”

“Tengda’s businesses are increasing day by day, and Boss Pei is getting busier and busier. He will definitely not be able to take care of Dream Realization Ventures like before.

“That is in fact, true. Boss Pei has already adopted a ‘standardized’ management method for Dream Realization Ventures: as long as the conditions are met and the standards met, invest equally.”

“However, there’s a problem with this. What if an investor maliciously cheats money on purpose? Just like Meng Chang, what if he splurges to build the valuations and finds a way to cash out?”

“There will definitely be such entrepreneurs, and plenty of them.”

“The reason why Boss Pei spent so much effort to deal with Meng Chang is very clear. He wants to make an example out of Meng Chang! He wants to show those entrepreneurs with evil intentions that they want to play tricks with Dream Realization Ventures’ money. That’s where Meng Chang will end up!”

Xue Zhebin still looked confused.

Li Shi continued. “Investors like us invest in projects. Liars would easily come knocking on our door. If we get cheated, we can only blame ourselves for not being capable enough. There are no good solutions.”

“However, Boss Pei obviously took another path: kill the chicken to warn the monkeys so that the scammer would not dare to come looking for him again. He directly excluded those entrepreneurs with bad intentions. This way, whether Dream Realization Ventures’ investment succeeds or fails, the money that Boss Pei invested would play a positive role.”

“I think... this means that Boss Pei’s investment path has entered a new level.”

Xue Zhebin could not help but feel emotional. “Boss Pei’s investment path is too profound. It’s difficult to understand it and almost impossible to learn from it.”

Li Shi sipped his tea and smiled. “I can only say that this is a talent.”