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All the more he should buy it if that was the case!

Manager Yang and Pei Qian’s requirements matched in such a strange way.

Manager Yang spoke so much that his throat was hoarse after half an hour. He stopped to drink some water while trying to dissect Boss Pei’s expression. He could not dissect anything

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On the one hand, Boss Pei seemed to have seen through him and knew about the situation of this house; on the other hand, Boss Pei seemed to be very interested in this house.

These two contradictory expressions appeared on Boss Pei’s face at the same time so Manager Yang did not know what Boss Pei was really thinking about.

Pei Qian thought about it for a while before asking. “How many units have people living in them?”

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Manager Yang’s heat sank. ‘This is bad!’

Boss Pei asked such a sharp question!

In fact, only three units were sold so far, accounting for a quarter of the entire building. Moreover, most of these owners regretted their decisions and were trying to sell them.

What was the intention behind Boss Pei’s question?

Could he have seen through the true situation of this place and deliberately asked this question to hint me to lower the selling price since it was not popular?

Manager Yang struggled a little within, but he did not dare lie because such things would not be able to hide for long.

“Boss Pei, rest assured that we have ample availability of our houses. You can pick which level you want...”

Manager Yang decided to reply in a roundabout manner.

Pei Qian frowned. “My question was how many units have been sold.”

Manager Yang realized that he really could not pull wool over his eyes and had to tell the truth. “Three units.

“Boss Pei, our units are high-end. Ordinary people will not be able to afford them. The owners of these three units are all successful locals of Jingzhou. Of course, they are still far behind you, but...”

Pei Qian raised his hand and interrupted Manager Yang