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“Second, after professional users accept us, how should we ‘breakthrough’ and get ordinary users without fitness habits to buy our products?”

Everyone nodded as they listened.

Intelligent fitness drying rack was actually a professional composite fitness equipment. It would be interesting to match it with games.

Its target customers could be divided into two types: the first type was professional users with strong fitness requirements. They might have already considered buying large-scale fitness equipment, so how should they persuade them to pay more to buy the smart fitness drying rack?

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The second type would be ordinary users with certain fitness requirements, but they found it difficult to make up their minds to buy this large equipment. How to dispel their worries and make them buy this large equipment was also a very important question.

Jiang Yuan continued, “I think the key to breaking out of this situation lies in fun.”

“People are lazy when it comes to learning and fitness. The biggest problem is not skills or physical conditions, but willpower and perseverance.”

“We want to guide customers to focus more on fitness through fun to achieve a better fitness effect. Our product’s reputation would explode as long as most of the first batch of users persevere and achieve fitness effect. Then, we can continue to spread to the masses through publicity.”

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“Just like how Deposit Fitness began.”

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Guo Licheng nodded.

The key to the success of Deposit Fitness was that it was indeed more effective than other gyms.

Of course, there were prerequisites for this effect: screening most customers who could not persevere, forcing users to stick to training time, and tying up with healthy meals.

After solving the problem of ‘perseverance’, people who did not know how to exercise would be able to achieve results.

Jiang Yuan looked at Wang Xiaobin. “Brother Wang, it would depend mainly on whether the game is fun or not. Whether this product succeeds or not depends on you.”

Wang Xiaobin nodded and distributed the game design plan to everyone.

“This is the design concept manuscript that I wrote for the game. It is only a framework and many details have not been perfected, but the direction is very clear.”

“I’ll talk while you guys read. You can ask any questions you want.”