Middle school students to make money channels

Middle school students to make money channels

That couple bulged their eyes after seeing Main-san yelling and waving her hands as she dashed to them. I can even feel that exclamation marks popped out of their heads.

“Ah, …sheesh…!”

I quickly chased after her. Uehara-kun and Aguri-san were shocked again after noticing my presence.

“Amanocchi, why are you…”

“No, even if you ask me…”

Aren’t you supposed to be the one that knows where Main-san and I are going to avoid us? I complained to her with my eyes. However, Aguri-san looks really surprised. She kept glancing over Main-san and me.

(Ah, it looks like Main-san tricked her…)

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I guess I understood what’s happening. It’s just like that, anyway. Main-san told Aguri-san, “where she’s going to with Amako” today, and it’s nowhere near here at all. I think this is precisely what Main-san would do.

So, that strategist demon king turned around and looked at me before smiling.

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“Alright, you can wrestle all you want now, Amako. …Fight.”

“Wrestle what? I don’t know how to fight.”

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“I see. You’re not fighting. -Then, what are you going to do?”

I was unsure after- feeling the “pressure” suddenly released by Main-san, which I haven’t experienced lately.

Aguri-san and Uehara-kun are holding their breaths as well. At the same time, Main-san glared at me like she already knew everything and further questioned.

“Are you going to pretend you didn’t see anything? Or would you try to cover it up with a bunch of stupid interactions? No, that’s fine. Don’t tell me you’re trying to smile and say ‘go ahead’ while lending Agu to somebody else? Ah?”