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After the president and senpais, Ria and Rose also jumped into the spot.

(All right, everyone has escaped safely…!)

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And when I tried to join them,

「Allen, do you have a minute?」

Sebas-san said with a heavy tone, and with a serious look.

「…What is it?」

I decided to respond for the time being while readying myself to jump into the spot at any time.

「Ah, you don’t have to be so on guard. I’m not going to do anything to you guys for today.」

「『Today』, huh…」

If you look at it from another perspective, it means he’ll start attacking us mercilessly from tomorrow onwards.

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「Don’t glare at me like that. We both have our『positions』, don’t we?」

Sebas-san scratched his cheeks with a troubled expression.

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「So… what is it?」

If I stay here for too long, Ria and the others who jumped in first will start to worry.

Deciding that, I urged him to get to the point.

「Aa, about that… Thanks to you, we were able to rescue the president safely. I truly thank you very much.」

He bowed his head deeply, with an extremely serious expression that he has never shown before.

From the sincere attitude and the words that came from his heart, I understood that this was his true feelings, without a shred of a lie mixed in.