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Someone asked Coach Yaling’s recent moves and realized that she had become the coach for the esports players’ club. She was in charge of their physical fitness, which could not help but elicit surprise from the others.

No wonder Boss Pei said that they could chat more about fitness with these esports players!

The esports players looked on at the opposite row of personal trainers with envy.

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Look at those muscles! Boss Pei got us to have a meal with these personal trainers obviously to tell us not to become complacent and work harder for those muscles!

We were still very far from that!

They had to say that working out was something that one could become addicted to.

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It was difficult to maintain it at first because the results were slow. However, after a while, the muscles of the body would enter a period of rapid growth. The body would start changing shape.

That was similar to savings. When people were earning little money, they did not care about savings and surplus. They spent money casually. However, once their savings increased, they would care more about their expenses because they would really enjoy seeing an increase in saving figures.

The members of the DGE club were currently in such a stage. They were very concerned about their own muscle growth, and fitness had become a habit.

These two groups actually had a rather merry time during the meal. They had fitness as a common topic after all.

Guo Licheng and Coach Yaling reminisced about the past while they feasted. He asked casually. “Will you head out to play mock competitions again?”

Coach Yaling shook her head. “No, there isn’t much meaning to it.”

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Guo Licheng nodded, expressing that he understood. Indeed, frequently experiencing abuse was a very frustrating thing. It was normal to have a short-term escape mentality.

Pei Qian was even happier upon hearing it.

Obviously, losing the mock competitions had greatly affected the confidence of the players. They were now discouraged and had decided to use the ostrich tactic and began to escape!