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Market 58 online posts to make money?

Although Zhang Yuan did not really trust that person, he was attracted by the 3000 yuan remuneration.

He was just a little puzzled as to what kind of computer would make the person willing to pay a 3000 yuan remuneration just to build it. Therefore, he accepted the person’s friend request. Never did he imagine that the person would send him a 200 yuan red packet to represent his sincerity.

Zhang Yuan understood then that he had met a real baller.

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Why would the person send him a red packet at the very start if he was a scammer?

Afterward, the other party sent Zhang Yuan an address to an office building in Jingzhou City. He had also transferred him the transport fees to and fro the location. Therefore, Zhang Yuan reached Jingzhou City today.

After he arrived, a student-like person received him. His name was Ma Yang. Ma Yang looked naive and simple-minded. Zhang Yuan felt that he appeared slow-witted and a little dim.

Zhang Yuan felt that the 3000 yuan remuneration was definitely not out of his pockets.

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As he had expected, the student named Ma Yang led him to a company and instructed him that the boss of the company, Boss Pei, wanted to see him and have a chat with him. Zhang Yuan felt that what he saw was an eye-opener as he stood before the door.

From a glance, he could tell that the company was rich and definitely not short of money!

He looked at the plate on the door: Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.! He searched up Qiandu and knew that it was the company that produced Ghost General and Ocean Stronghold.

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Game company. Seemed rich. There was no way this could go wrong!

That made Zhang Yuan slightly uneasy.

Not long after, a lean and beautiful female assistant led him to the door of the guest room. He saw the boss of the company there. Zhang Yuan was even more nervous. Ma Yang did not tell him his real motive.