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“Huh! …I-I see.”

In reality, right now, even though Tendou-san and Chiaki aren’t competing over my ownership, they are still fighting over me. When there’s a battle of my ownership, they don’t want to lose to each other, not to mention Main-san…

But, if that’s the case, isn’t it simply dangerous to let Oiso-senpai join the game? If this is a true 1v1v1v1, she’s an enemy on the same level as Main-san. It’s just increasing the difficulty.

Well, but, in this sense, Chiaki will probably lose. I think it’s an excellent opportunity for Tendou-san to kick her away too-

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“Ah, also, I think Karen Tendou’s training with Chiaki Hoshinomori in her own house for around a week before the start of the battle.”


Training with Chiaki? Why? Aren’t they rivals? By the way, there’s no benefit to Tendou-san in terms of skills, right? What’s wrong with her? Eh, what is my ex-girlfriend trying to do?

My head’s slowly getting dizzy. …Karen Tendou is really an unpredictable person. Perhaps even Main-san is easier to understand.

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She’s smart and dumb, talented and clumsy, realistic yet passionate.

I don’t know what reasons she used to achieve this conclusion. When I think about it- I can’t help but laugh.

So, I can’t help but gradually smile. Then, I realized Aguri-san’s looking at me with a mischievous smile. I coughed to cover up my embarrassment and continued talking to Main-san.

“So, you accepted the challenge?”