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What kind of studio can be made online can make money?

It was not like Chen Sha wanted to take advantage of his buddies.

The key thing was that there were too few players in Ocean Stronghold. There were at most dozens of players online at the same time. He could not find other players for the special modes using the in-game matchmaking system!

He could only form his own group by inviting people in the group chat.

Very quickly, players in the group chat started talking enthusiastically about Ocean Stronghold.

They were all shocked to find that other than its horrible name, all other aspects of the game were pretty well-designed.

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September 13th, Tuesday...

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Zhang Lixian brought the videographer from the Finance Channel with her and arrived at the unique-looking building in the Dawn of Prosperous City.

Li Shi was already waiting for them on the 11th story.

“Boss Li, how are you?!”

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Zhang Lixian shook Li Shi’s hand affectionately before Li Shi led her and the videographer in.

Once she stepped into the empty living room, Zhang Lixian became stunned.

Was this... the new house that Boss Li had just moved into?

The four walls were bare, and it looked like he had just been robbed. How was he living here?