How to do online live broadcast to make money

How to do online live broadcast to make money

He An decisively hit the purchase button.

So what if it’s expensive? Do I look like someone who doesn’t have 128 yuan? I’ll buy the games at their original price—I’ll be happy to!

I insist on seeing what exactly you’re hiding in your poor version!

He An guessed that, since this game had a dual protagonist mode with two versions, both versions must have been connected. For all he knew, there would be hidden scenes or endings that would only be available if one bought both versions.

The more He An thought about it, the more he felt like things would be as he imagined.

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If both versions were entirely unconnected, there would be a huge problem.

Gamers who would mindlessly buy gamers were among the minority. Most gamers would be influenced by the reviews and comments online.

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If the first batch of gamers bought both versions but found zero hidden scenes or endings, they would surely curse and swear. Subsequently, nobody would repeat the same silly mistake.

He An suspected that Boss Pei would not commit such a silly mistake. Thus, all the more, he was certain that there would unlock hidden scenes and outcomes if he bought both versions.

Until now, he had not entered the game yet. However, two out of four theories He An had thought Boss Ma had already been overturned.

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Tailor the marketing strategy to the game’s contents? No.

Choose a game genre that has a significant share of the market? No.