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Pei Qian patted his firm shoulder. “No ‘but’s. Get ready.”

On the other side of the gym, Assistant Xin had finished speaking to Branch Manager Wei.

“Boss Pei, the agreement has been signed. The gym is 1,800 square meters large, and the original owners invested 1.7 million yuan in it. These were their main expenses: five hundred thousand yuan on the mid- to low-end equipment, some of which were secondhand; fifty to eighty thousand yuan on other products, including the equipment and machines used for private training, computers, and office desks; nine hundred yuan on renovation; and a little more on salaries, advertising fees, and the like.

“If we had opted to take over everything, we would have had to pay them five to six hundred thousand yuan in assignment fees. However, since we only want the space and not the equipment, we would only have to pay three hundred thousand yuan.

“Branch Manager Wei will remove all the equipment. We can purchase new gym equipment, recruit new trainers, and pay the rent for the space... “We want to purchase equipment of the best quality, and we want to pay trainers higher than the market standard. That means the initial investment would be about 1.5 million yuan, which would include the equipment, assignment fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. Our annual expenses, including rent, utilities, and manpower, would add up to about three million yuan... that’s 250 thousand yuan per month on average.”

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Pei Qian nodded, realizing that the investment was not as huge as he had expected.

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He would be making an initial investment of 1.5 million yuan and paying 250 thousand yuan each month. Even if the gym did not draw in any customers, he would not lose that much money.

Still, on further thought, this was only one branch.

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If he opened ten branches, he would easily be able to lose tens of millions of yuan each year, right? He would set up this branch and observe the situation. If no one cared about the gym, he would open more branches. In any case, he would surely incur more losses if he set up more branches!

April 9th, Saturday...

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Handong University branch...

After settling the two gaming departments and the initial preparation for the gym, Pei Qian planned to enjoy the relaxing weekend that he rarely had.

He found a seat near the window in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and then sipped his coffee nonchalantly as he watched the busy street outside. He began to think about all the work he had to do from now on.

The company was going to receive the shared revenue from the sale of the movie tickets soon. Then, a huge sum of money would be transferred to the company’s bank account.

Pei Qian had already thought about how to spend the money: he would build a condominium.