What gray project is most profitable online?

What gray project is most profitable online?

I became someone who was liked by everyone, and in this, I couldn’t lose to anyone.

The day I realized that, I was truly happy.

I came to understand something else on that same day. Trust is similar to exquisite sake, it is developed with time and delicate care.

And hidden behind this trust, lies an existence called ‘secrets’.

When somebody truly trusts someone else from the bottom of their heart, they disclose the secrets they keep inside them.

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I knew the secret crush of the most popular boy in class, as well as the unexpected troubles of the smartest person in class. From the most serious secrets to the most trivial ones, I took control of them all. I collected information. Every time I made a new friend and was able to listen to someone’s worries, my heart would pound with excitement once again.

I trembled with delight every time I learned someone else’s secrets, things as important to them as their very own lives.

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I was the most trusted person around. Keeping it this way became what gave my life meaning.

But there was something I didn’t notice at the time.

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That trust can only be gained from living a life plastered with lies.

I spent every day living with an enormous amount of stress in my heart.

And then…… that incident happened. Everything changed. I couldn’t stop myself───

But that can’t be helped.

After all, everyone rejected me.