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“These historical sites are neither famous nor reputable, and these up and coming companies are not huge. However, they are both new and old, stable and risky, conservative and innovative—all at once. They’ve found a place for themselves in the heart of the city.

“As the saying goes, each place has its way of supporting its inhabitants.

“One can easily see Jingzhou’s shadow in Tengda. “Sometimes, it appears conservative and steady. It has invested in many traditional industries like the physical and logistics industries. It remains humble and continually changes people’s lives, starting from the smallest details.

“Other times, it appears extreme and innovative. It has created bold and imaginative games that do not fit the mold, never failing to shock players.

“The Jingzhou spirit has given birth to a unique business like Tengda. In a little over a year, the business has developed and expanded rapidly, leaving other companies that have been resting on their laurels far behind.”

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Immediately after this, pictures of Tengda’s business appeared. This included the office, employees, work, meal times, Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, and the like. “The thing that sets Tengda apart from most other companies in Jingzhou is the assurance of the best work environment and remuneration. In fact, people might begin to question if the employees are being overpaid.

“However, the facts have shown that these generous working conditions have inspired the employees to work hard and be creative. This contributed to Tengda’s rapid development and success.”

One could say that this introduction had completely bound Tengda and Jingzhou together. On the surface, the author seemed to be praising Jingzhou. However, he was in fact praising Tengda.

Pei Qian had to admit that Chief Editor Xia had not toured Jingzhou in vain when they landed!

A lot of the footage showed Jingzhou’s landmarks. Although the video’s introduction was not long, it almost completely covered Jingzhou’s conditions and customs. If someone had taken the same footage and made it into an advertisement for the city, nobody would have suspected a thing. Pei Qian remained calm even after watching this because he had already expected such praise.

The only thing that worried him was that the video had exposed Tengda’s treatment of its employees.

Of course, Pei Qian knew that he could not keep this hidden for long. Jingzhou’s working-class circle was only so big, and Tengda had so many employees. He could not possibly stop everyone from showing off their benefits and remuneration to others.

However, no matter how word got out in the past, the information was kept within Jingzhou.

With this video from the official platform, Pei Qian feared that hoards of talents from other cities would fly to Jingzhou and apply for a job at Tengda.

Yet, Pei Qian maintained the same response. He would leave the next cycle’s problems until then to resolve.

He scrolled down some more.