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Reluctantly conceding, Nanase took off her backpack and handed it over to me with a seemingly apologetic look on her face. Although its contents were different, its weight was surprisingly not all too different from my own.

Given that, I should be able to maintain my initial pace without any added difficulty.

Normally, it would be easiest to use your lower back muscles to help support the weight of a backpack, but given that I was already carrying one, that wasn’t really an option here.

Instead, I chose to hold it in front of me and began moving forward once again.

“A-are you sure you can carry it?”

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“You should get moving if you have the time to stand around and ask questions.”

Taking my advice to heart, Nanase promptly zipped her lips and began to walk.

This time, she stuck close behind me, maintaining a consistent distance of around two meters as we pushed forward.

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The sky grew dimmer and dimmer by the second as the overall visibility of our surroundings began to get much, much worse.

The wind was also getting stronger, and at times a particularly fierce gale would come and violently blow down the slope.

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Despite all of this, the good news was that we were nearly finished with our journey to the top.

All we had to do now was follow a relatively smoother path heading down the other side.

Of course, we’d still have to make sure not to lose our footing somehow on our way back down, so we couldn’t be too careful.

“I’ll be fine now that we’ve come this far. My bag… I’ll carry it again from here.”

“Are you sure? I’d like to avoid wasting time later by having to go through the process of handing it over again.”

“Yes, I’m sure. Thank you very much for helping me.”

I looked to confirm once more just to be sure, but she seemed confident, so I returned her bag.

However, rather than sling it over her shoulder and wear it as she had earlier, she stood still and stared at it as she held it in her hands.