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“That’s how much I want it…… then…”

“But please don’t come. I’m free to live now.”

Right. I know that, as well.

I also remembered how much Sadiz has cherished me since I was born.

That’s why I’ll love Sadiz like this… always……

“Me… you want to throw me away because I’m a burden? You don’t need me anymore!”

“No, I’m not. I’m graduating.”

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“You can’t use those words! Graduating? Does that mean independence or separation from parents? Please don’t use such pretty words to fool me about going on a journey with the Great Demon King Tre’ainar!”

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That’s why, I also knew that Sadiz wouldn’t back down easily.

I know she won’t break easily.

“Little man… is free to live? If so, this journey of freedom… do you really think… that Master and Madam… would keep silent without saying anything if they knew? Do you really think …… that I’m going to let you go quietly like this??”

Sadiz stood up again.

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While her eyes were swollen with tears, she exposed an intense, anger intimidating feeling.

“Still… you think you can dismiss me… and just go with the Great Demon King? You would choose…… the Great Demon King over us?”

With a swaying stance, it looked like she was ready to pounce at any moment.

No matter how much I said, if it doesn’t work, I would have to use force… I was expecting such a development … I wasn’t surprised.

“Even if it means fighting me?”

I don’t want to fight.