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The White Room student was setting up on the premise of being expelled later anyway, so this rule wasn’t a deterrent to them at all.

If they successfully managed to pair up with me, they’d most likely end up taking a 0 without even the slightest hesitation.

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In other words, if I chose the White Room student as my partner, I’d be done for. Even though the special exam only just started, I already had at least a 1 in 160 chance of being expelled.

Typically, there’d at least be a rule stating something like: ‘In the event one student is expelled from the school due to dishonest conduct, the other will be treated as though they passed the exam without any further penalty.’ However, based on everything I had heard so far, there was no way of guaranteeing that.

The reason why nobody bothered to ask about it is because everyone was under the same self-serving assumption, convinced that nobody would dare do something that would deliberately get themself expelled. No, that wasn’t the only reason.

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In the unlikely event that somebody actually did, the school itself would probably deal with it quickly.

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After all, the school most likely felt that it would be far too harsh to expel a student who simply got caught up in their partner’s unfair behavior. However, if I was the one who ended up getting caught up in it, that man would probably force me out of the school without batting an eye.

He’d say it was my fault for partnering up with somebody who didn’t take the exam seriously.

He had set up a small loophole in the rules so that he could react flexibly depending on the student in question.

The image of that man, Tsukishiro, rose up in the back of my mind. I had no doubt that he was the one who had concocted these rules.

There was no way he wouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity. If I was too slow at finding a partner, the regular students would start getting chosen one after another and my chances of ending up with the White Room student would go up.

It’d be nice if I could act quickly and pair up with somebody that doesn’t seem like they came from the White Room, but according to the OAA app, my Academic Ability rating was a C. I didn’t have the luxury of being able to choose whoever I wanted.

Having said that, even if I wanted to choose someone with an extremely low Academic Ability rating, my C rating wouldn’t be enough to dispel their worries about the exam, so they probably wouldn’t be willing to partner up with me.

In which case, the logical conclusion was to find a partner with a rating similar to mine that I wouldn’t have any issues pairing up with, but it’s possible that my opponent was already lying in wait in anticipation of that.

Even though we had only just been told the rules, it was already clear that this exam would be more challenging than any other special exam we had taken before.

“Sensei. How difficult are the exam questions going to be?”

With the raise of her hand, Horikita asked Chabashira a crucial question that most of the class was probably wondering about.