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As for Bao Xu, he was indeed thinking about his existence; but the reason for this was completely opposite of what Pei Qian had thought.

“Boss Pei, champagne!”

Xin Hailu was smiling as she handed a bottle of champagne to Pei Qian.

Pei Qian glanced at the champagne. This was quite a unique bottle of champagne. The sheath of the wine bottle was made of platinum, and it was covered in English words. Even a conservative estimate of the price of this bottle of champagne would be a five-figure sum.

Pei Qian was completely unexcited about popping this bottle of champagne.

This was because he knew that the amount of money Ocean Stronghold would make for him was far more than the cost of hundreds of bottles of this champagne.

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However, while everyone was staring at him, Pei Qian could not just walk away in anger.

He could not allow anyone to doubt the system; neither could he allow anyone to challenge or suspect his own existence!

Pei Qian sucked in a deep breath and took the bottle of champagne. There was a ‘pop’, and then it was open.

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The light-gold liquid poured out of the bottle, together with a unique fragrance. The atmosphere in the office immediately became much more excited and passionate!

Everyone was cheering. The two girls at the front desk took out their already-prepared handheld confetti and caused golden rain to fall in the office! They all began to sing and dance. Xiao Lu even wanted to slide on the floor on his knees. Huang Sibo had to stop him from doing so.

While everyone else was in such a celebratory mode, Pei Qian tried his best to put on a smile. “Good job, everyone. Keep working hard!”

Pei Qian kept a smile on his face and entered his own office before closing the door.

Huang Sibo watched Pei Qian’s back view and could not help but sigh. “Of course, everything is in Boss Pei’s plan! He expected that all of this would happen. That’s why he isn’t surprised. To Boss Pei, this is completely normal!