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“Hondou, I explained it before, didn’t I? Points are wired to student’s accounts on the first day of the month, every month. They were wired without any problems this month as well.”

“Uh, but… I didn’t get any points.”

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Hondou and Yamauchi exchanged looks. Ike was too surprised to notice their looks. Certainly, I went to check my points this morning too, but my point balanced hadn’t changed from yesterday.

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So I thought they would’ve been deposited later.

“… Are you guys really that stupid?”

Is she angry? Delighted? Chiyabashira-sensei had an ominous feeling about her.

“Stupid? What?”

Chiyabashira-sensei had a sharp glint in her eyes as Hondou repeated her words like an idiot.

“Sit, Hondou. I’ll explain it again.”

“S-sae-chan sensei?”

Surprised by her strict tone, Hondou slumped down into his seat.

“Points were deposited. Without fail. The likelihood that this class was left out is very low. Do you understand?”

“No, even if I say I do understand, we haven’t received our points…

Hondou had a dissatisfied expression on his face.

However, if we say that Chiyabashira-sensei is telling the truth…

Isn’t there some kind of contradiction? Does that mean zero points have been deposited?