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“This is Dominican...”

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Every time they passed by a mirage, ‘Bao Xu’ would sigh and reminisce about his thrilling and memorable journey in this place.

Qiao Liang could not help but feel emotional. “Not bad. he can even be a tour guide in this game.”

Traveler Bao Xu had always been a hero in GOG. Many players knew about this employee’s travel story, but they did not know the details behind it.

Qiao Liang naturally knew about it as Boss Pei’s best friend.

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In fact, Bao Xu had only been to a portion of these places. There were too many scenic spots in this world after all. When Wang Xiaobin was creating the downloadable content, he had only decided on these scenic spots based on the resources available online.

Obviously, the creator treated Traveller Bao Xu as a meme. In the setting, he was a mysterious adventurer who had traveled to every corner of the world.

Of course, everyone felt that Bao Xu had this potential. He was still so young after all. If he were to travel for a month every six months on average, it would only be a matter of time before he traveled to all the famous places in the world.

After driving for about two hours, Bao Xu said, “Alright, I’ll get off now. Thank you for letting me ride. I’ve prepared a gift for you. I hope we’ll meet again if fate allows it.”

Qiao Liang: “Oh? This should be the Easter egg!”

The system notification showed that he had obtained a new car skin and unlocked a new scene. Qiao Liang quickly exited the game to check.

Qiao Liang realized that he had obtained the skin of a new car. It was a mini spacecraft with a sci-fi feel to it. It was about the size of a sports car, but it had a pair of mini spacecraft wings. It had no wheels and was floating in the air.

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Qiao Liang opened the scene page again. There were various scenes that players had activated in the game.

One of the new scenes was on the surface of a dark red planet filled with sand. All sorts of large and small craters could be seen around it. It looked like an outer space scene from a sci-fi movie.

There seemed to be some huge caves in the distance. The caves were pitch black, as if some terrifying creatures were stirring within.

“Eh, this is the Easter egg buried in the game? Does this mean that Boss Pei’s next game is a science fiction genre?”

“This spacecraft and setting seem to be quite fitting for The Lonely Desert Road.”