How is ordinary people make money online?

How is ordinary people make money online?

Tang Yishu looked up at Hao Yun. “The pay… is a little… too much.”

Hao Yun smiled. “No, this is Tengda’s normal pay scheme.”

She took out a wad of money from her pocket seeing Tang Yishu sign the contract. There were ten pieces of 100 yuan bills. “Boss Pei asked me to advance this amount of salary to you so that you can buy some warm clothes. The weather is getting colder. The company’s heating might be warm, but the difference in temperature indoors and outdoors is rather huge. It’s very easy to catch a cold.

“Have lunch with us later. The Fish-Catching Take-Out is delicious.”

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“Al-alright.” Tang Yishu nodded hurriedly, somewhat at a loss.

Her clothes might be thin, but her heart was warm and fuzzy. That was probably not due to the heater in the office.

November 26, Friday…

Pei Qian was in the car, heading to the filming site of Tomorrow is Beautiful’.

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The filming location was a local studio in Jingzhou. There were not many great scenes in the whole film. It was just a few simple scenes if one were to analyze it.

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The capsule space where the male lead stayed, including the large screen in space; the futuristic urban scenery; talent show event location; the male lead’s mansion…

These scenes were not difficult as long as the costumes, makeup, and props of each character were more refined. The scene just had to look more futuristic.

Some of the more complex scenes were done using the green screen, waiting to add on special effects. Anyway, not many of such scenes required special effects.