Online translation in English

Online translation in English

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“You sure about this? I’m telling you, I’m serious. You never know what’ll happen if you let it go.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Tokitō. There are lots of things wrong with the way Ryūen does things. I don’t think it’s wrong to have complaints like you do. But I’m not impressed by your overzealous behaviour.”

It was obvious that Tokitō had something in mind.

And there was no doubt that his intention was to eliminate Ryūen.

“Shut up.”

After saying this, Tokitō left Katsuragi.

We hid ourselves and watched Tokitō and Okabe leave so that we could stay unnoticed.

I was going to leave quietly after that, but…

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Hiyori pulled my arm, revealing our presence in front of Katsuragi.

“Do you need something, Ayanokouji?”

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It would be strange to run away now, so I went with the flow and walked up to Katsuragi.

“No, it's just it seems there’s a lot of difficulties in your class too, Katsuragi.”

“It’s the same in every class. Although I would've preferred not to be overheard.”