What kind of virtual goods buy online

What kind of virtual goods buy online

Is it really alright for Kushida to have the key? No, well, in my delusions, you could say that it feels like I have a girlfriend if she keeps the key. Men are calculating creatures.

“Since Kushida has also come, can we move to the real topic?”

“It can’t be helped… well then, what’s the issue?”

After they came to my room, it’s not like I can bluntly refuse them.

With a meek look on his face, he slowly started talking.

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“You know how I was called out by the teacher today? Then, uh… actually… I might be suspended from school. And for a while, too.”

“Sus… suspended?”

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That’s unexpected. Compared to the beginning of the year, Sudou has been pretty well-behaved. He hasn’t been talking or dozing off during class, and is doing well in his club activities.

“By any chance, did you insult or slander Sensei?”

When Chiyabashira-sensei stopped Sudou from going to his club today, he looked unhappy.

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He probably got mad and said some reckless remarks once again.

“I won’t say.”

“Then did you grab her by her collar and threaten to kill her or something?”