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Sell a mobile phone online to make money?

“How about this? We won’t give a discount for the first sum. We’ll continue with the original price: 86,500 yuan.”

“I’ll give you a 30%!d(MISSING)iscount for the second stroke! A total of 38,360 yuan. I’ll round down to 38,000 yuan, how about that!”

Pei Qian suddenly felt pain.

Meng Chang, Meng Chang, I spent a lot of money to keep you in the advertising department!

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38,000 yuan was enough for you to get a basic salary for a year.

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Oh, right. Now that his base salary had risen, he could get it in nine months.

If the situation was optimistic and he could get a guaranteed commission, it would only take six months, half a year.

Pei Qian could not help but shake his head halfway through his thoughts. “Why am I doing this!”

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The 38,000 yuan was a little painful to Pei Qian.

However, he had no other choice. He could not bear to lose this ‘child’.

It would be worth it if this 38,000 yuan investment could make Meng Chang continue to work hard for him in exchange for the VR glasses project being unprofitable!

July 5th, Thursday.

At Dream Realization Ventures.

He Desheng handled the daily affairs of the investment firm as usual.

He felt that his work had been rather boring recently.