Which online WeChat make money software?

Which online WeChat make money software?

What was this?

Li Shi smiled slightly. “Similar situations are happening for more than 20 other phone booths. These GOG players seemed to be taking photos with these heroes and getting a stamp with the heroes within.

“So, Boss Pei, decorating the phone booths with the theme ‘GOG heroes’ and having the heroes’ stamps within are not your idea as well, right?” Pei Qian, “...”

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Li Shi continued. “And, Boss Pei, if my information is correct, the shared phone booths have spread across all major shopping malls in Jingzhou. You’re also entering the other cities with the franchise model.

“Major shopping malls place orders directly and are responsible for their own operation and maintenance, and they can pay back in a few months. However, the shared phone booth business has turned to selling phone booths and getting commissions to make a profit, right?

“The GOG-themed phone booths are so popular to the point where you can order a full set of GOG Heroes at once when you order phone booths. Originally, you only sold two or three, but now, it’s more than twenty...”

“This has nothing to do with Boss Pei as well, right?”

Pei Qian flexed his mouth, but no sound came out of it. He cursed a million ‘f*cks’ in his mind. He did think that the GOG hero-themed booths would become an attraction when the game went live, but he did not take it to heart at all.

He originally thought that people would check in and take some phones with the booth. It would definitely have no impact on the income.

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However, he never thought that it would increase the sales volume of the phone booth!

The other cities were now more included to purchase a full set of GOG-hero-themed phone booths together in the shopping malls so that the GOG players in the city could check in and for the sale of the phone booth to increase!

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Pei Qian was now in a state of daze. He did not know what to say for quite a while.

Li Shi was more certain that he hit the nail on the head looking at Boss Pei’s expression. He smiled and he continued. “Then, what about the ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ and the phone booth’s combined event?”