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He could not wait to open the gaming platform to incur losses!

However, opening a gaming platform was not that simple. He had to apply for the corresponding qualifications with the official platform. He had to have a sum of starting capital, rent a server, and create the official platform’s operating system program…

He still needed to do some preparatory work all in all.

However, to the current Tengda, these were problems that could be easily resolved.

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Professional work could be done by professionals. Tengda did not lack professionals in this area. They could transfer some people from various departments to be Tang Yishu’s tools and ensure that the gaming platform could run normally.

The only difficult thing was how to hide this matter as much as possible so that everyone would not know the relationship between Dawn Games and Tengda..

At that thought, Pei Qian sent Tang Yishu a message and called her into his office.

Not long after, Tang Yishu knocked lightly on the door. “Senior, are you looking for me?”

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Pei Qian could not help but smile when he saw Tang Yishu.

“Come, sit first.”

Little Tang had not been used as a killer weapon for a long time. Pei Qian mainly wanted to put her in Tengda Games to maximize its effect.

That was because Tengda Games often invested the most and had the greatest risk of making money. Tang Yishu would be able to influence the two most important projects, Mission and Choice and GOG, while she was in charge.

Thus, Pei Qian had tried his best to avoid sending her out over the past six months. He hoped to drag Mission and Choice and GOG down.

From the looks of it now, the results were not very obvious.

Of course, it could have been effective but Pei Qian could not tell.

‘Mission and Choice’ had become popular, and GOG had been developing smoothly. On the surface, Tang Yishu did not seem to be of much use. However, perhaps… these two projects would become even more ridiculous without Tang Yishu.

He had to admit that it was possible.