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I sharpened my nerves, and together with that looming thrust,

「Fifth Sword – World Judgement!」


I tore apart the shadow world he was hiding in.

「Guh-ga… A-Ahaa… A-Amazing, as expected… My, Allen…」

……As expected, the genius swordsman Dodriel.

This guy jumped back one step at the very last moment.

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It was probably the intuition of a swordsman.

Thanks to that, he barely avoided fatal wounds.

(However, he has suffered countless deep wounds.)

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Where continuing this battle would put him at a disadvantage.

Then, the group of black cloaks who were watching this battle from a distance,

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「The n-newcomer…!?」

「Was defeated…!?」

「Guh, R-Retreat!」

No sooner than the battle concluded, they fled.

「A-Ahaa… L-Let’s meet again somewhere… A-Alleeen?」

Saying that, Dodriel jumped out of the window behind him and disappeared with the group of black cloaks.

「Haa… I got involved with a nasty guy again…」