Which online is a part-time job and a reliable

Which online is a part-time job and a reliable

I gave up. Tendou-san blinked her eyes a bit unbelievably.

“Amano-kun, you’re saying that…I’m just trouble to the Football Club.”

“You do realize that! Although I like playing games too, and I understand Tendou-san’s strengths better than anyone, you can’t just substitute games into reality…”

I feel sorry for people that try their best in the Football Club every day.

“Uwah, …Amano-kun suddenly started to complain about Moshidora…” [Note: Moshidora, a light novel about a high school baseball manager girl that trains her team using Peter Drucker’s methods.]

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“No, I didn’t. That’s a good novel. It gave us something new by merging management into baseball clubs!”

“Yeah. So, it’s the same if I bring Road to the World and PES into the Football Club…”

“Same my butt! You’re just a temporary manager girl that played video games and pretended that she knows everything, not to mention whether the idea is new or not, right!?”

“New ideas. …It can’t be helped. Well, I’ll train myself with Power Pros as well.”

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“For what!? You still ended up relying on in-game knowledge alone!”

“Well, how about I investigate Girl's Side as well?” [Girl’s Side, a dating sim for girls.]

“Please don’t go and learn how to trick athletic boys’ hearts!”

“However, in conclusion, isn’t that what Moshidora is about?”

“Apologize to Moshidora at this second!”