Make money online except lottery

Make money online except lottery

Would its business model definitely succeed? That was definitely not the case. Selling cold noodles and becoming a national chain? So that the entire country’s citizens could eat expensive, dream-filled cold noodles at any time?

It was not entirely impossible, but the possibility was not that high.

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That did sound ridiculous.

The simplest logic was that it was definitely not a problem to eat cold noodles occasionally as a snack. However, no one could eat it for every meal.

However, He Desheng was an investor. He knew very well that most of the internet business models did not intend to make money steadily.

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Sometimes, you could earn money from the users, and so could the investors. There was no difference.

Some internet companies did not manage to find a profitable model and kept burning money. However, as long as people believed in it and as long as they had the capital, they could always find people to pick it up.

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It did not matter if it was not profitable. As long as he could successfully sell it to willing parties, it would still be profitable!

It would be considered a success as long as he was not the last one to pick it up.

Of course, He Desheng knew very well that Meng Chang would not say that out loud. Not even in a place where there were only the two of them.

However, everyone had the same thought.

From a pure investor’s point of view, He Desheng had two ways to invest in this project:

The first was that ‘Cold-Faced Lady’ was indeed as Meng Chang had said. Every shop in the country would sell tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of servings of cold noodles every day, earning profits.

The other would be that the ‘Cold-Faced Lady’ had not achieved its first milestone but they successfully sold it to a large company to take over. It might not be profitable but it would also be considered a success.

Putting everything else aside, Meng Chang’s PowerPoint, his eloquence, his marketing idea, and his confidence in the entire business model...

He Desheng also felt that he was worth the five million yuan investment.